• 【杭州包装箱厂家】浅谈木托盘的发展现状和前景展望
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     包装材料的使用有着十分悠久的历史,可以追溯到人类历史文明的初期。早在有文字记载的历史以前,古代人类就开始直接取用植物藤蔓、树叶、禾草和竹子编制成筐篓,用来盛装谷物、蔬菜,用竹筒作为饮水容器等。由木材制作的 杭州木包装箱 很早就被用作包装容器和运输器具,在现代包装工业中,纸及纸制品、塑料、玻璃、金属和木材是几大常用的包装材料。木材是一种生物质材料,具有很好的环境性能,作为包装材料使用时具有很多性能优势:如强重比高,抗机械损伤能力强、可承受较大的堆垛载荷、具有一定的缓冲性能、取材广泛、制作比较容易、易于吊装和回收性能好等特点 ,所以至今仍是机电设备与工业产品的主要运输包装容器,特别是很多笨重、易碎及需要特殊保护等产品不可或缺的储运器具。

The use of packaging materials has a long history and can be traced back to the early days of human civilization. Long before the recorded history, ancient humans began to use plant vines, leaves, grasses and bamboo directly to make baskets, which were used to hold grains and vegetables, and bamboo barrels as drinking water containers. Wood packing boxes made from wood in Henan have long been used as packaging containers and transport equipment. Paper and paper products, plastics, glass, metal and wood are the most commonly used packaging materials in modern packaging industry. Wood is a kind of biomass material with good environmental performance. It has many performance advantages when used as packaging material. For example, it has high ratio of strength to weight, strong resistance to mechanical damage, can withstand large stacking load, has certain cushioning performance, has a wide range of materials, is easy to make, easy to hoist and recycle, etc. Up to now, it is still the main transport packaging container for mechanical and electrical equipment and industrial products, especially many bulky, fragile and necessary storage and transportation equipment for products requiring special protection.


杭州木质包装材料是指用于商品支撑、保护、或运载材料的木材和人造板产品等木质材料(不包括纸及纸制品) 。它包括填料、板条箱、木片、垫料、木托盘、木筒和楔子等。木质包装在国际贸易中被广泛使用,但实木包装材料能携带森林病虫害,近年来其在国际间传播扩散的速度和频率呈现逐渐加快和增高的趋势,世界上很多都对进境货物木质包装采取了更为严格的检验检疫制度。我国森林资源又相对匮乏,近年来木材供需之间的矛盾也越来越激烈,使得实木在包装工业中的继续发展得到了限制。然而经干燥、热压等深加工工艺生产的包装用人造板,因其在资源、结构和检验检疫方面的优势,近年来发展迅速,具有广阔的应用前景。而且我国农林生物质资源(包括竹林和农作物秸秆)丰富 ,也为人造板工业的进一步发展提供了原料基础,用其开发人造板包装材料也逐渐引起了人们的关注。

Henan Wood Packaging Material refers to wood and wood-based materials (excluding paper and paper products) used for commodity support, protection, or transportation. It includes fillers, crates, wood chips, padding, wooden pallets, wooden tubes and wedges. Wooden packaging is widely used in international trade, but solid wood packaging materials can carry forest diseases and insect pests. In recent years, the speed and frequency of its spread in the world has been gradually accelerating and increasing. Many countries in the world have adopted a stricter inspection and quarantine system for imported goods wooden packaging. China's forest resources are relatively scarce. In recent years, the contradiction between supply and demand of wood has become increasingly fierce, which limits the continuous development of solid wood in packaging industry. However, wood-based panels for packaging produced by deep processing technology such as drying and hot pressing have developed rapidly in recent years and have broad application prospects because of their advantages in resources, structure and inspection and quarantine. Moreover, China's agricultural and forestry biomass resources (including bamboo forests and crop straw) are abundant, which also provide a raw material basis for the further development of wood-based panel industry, and the development of wood-based panel packaging materials with them has gradually attracted people's attention.